I was always curious about the process of casting in bronze. And couldn’t fully understand it by just reading about it. “Lost wax” is an ancient process dating back thousands of years.

In the fall of 2011 I started a bronze sculpture class. The beginning was awfully frustrating. I had to model in wax and it took me long before I began to understand how to work with wax. 

Making a bronze sculpture is a very laborious process, it easily takes 3-4 months to a full completion of a piece starting with modeling in clay, making a mold,  transforming the work into wax, building ceramic shell, pouring bronze, and completing the work in bronze with metal chasing and patina.  

Bronze weight is a serious concern to me. And it isn’t just very heavy but also expensive. And I love large forms. But there is something very special in pouring hot metal and a long way of transforming the bronze into a sculpture. I love it!