I sculpt because of my fascination with what I see with my eyes and my hands – lines and forms, shapes and textures. 

There is no single ideal medium for me; every material brings its own beauty and expression. I have been working with clay, stone, bronze, steel, wax, resin, and concrete. I begin working in any material by exploring different techniques to bring the best in  that medium. The concept and approach follow.

I enjoy the thrill of doing something different in every project. I work spontaneously, planning only in general and not in much details.

I get inspired by artists’ works: fine art, architecture, fashion, cinema…  My art universe is altered figurative and abstract. I like to show emotions through body gestures, I express distress with oddity, I use contours and colors to expose character. 

I like challenges when working on my sculptures. Challenges open doors to new choices. And then it is just work, work, work to make it happened.

My studio is at Visual Philosophy in San Jose, CA.

I  show some of my works in KALEID Gallery in downtown San Jose, CA.