With the help of this website, I aim staying in touch with my family, my friends, and my art community.

It has been more than 10 years since I began expressing myself through Art. At the start, it was all new to me and not even remotely close to what I was trained for and did whole my life professionally.

I sculpt because of my fascination with lines, forms, and texture.

To me, there is no single ideal medium. Every material brings its own beauty and expression. I have worked with clay, stone, bronze, wax, and concrete. I start with the excitement of working in any material exploring a new technique to bring the best in it. The concept and approach follow.

I love the thrill of getting all the courage I can find deep in myself to do always something different, searching for different emotions through the movements, different states of absurdity or loveliness through looks because this is what I appreciate around me.